Numerous reports of anti-social behaviour in North Cheam have led police to issue a Dispersal Zone.

Posting on its Facebook page, Sutton Police wrote that "intimidation of local residents will not be tolerated."

"Youths have been congregating outside local businesses and residential properties.

"Reports have included racial abuse and general anti-social behaviour toward local residents.

"Following the increase of reports a Section 35 Dispersal Zone has been put in place preventing groups congregating in the area."

What does a Dispersal Zone mean though?

It means a police officer or PCSO may order anyone to leave the area they believe to be committing anti-social behaviour, for a period of 24 hours.

If you are under the age of 18 then a police officer has the power to take you home. Failure to comply with the dispersal zone may lead to arrest.

The Dispersal Zone came into effect on Friday at 3pm and will continue until Sunday at 3pm.

Examples of Anti Social Behaviour include:

  • Shouting and swearing at anyone
  • Shouting racist comments towards anyone
  • Cycling on the pavement
  • Riding Mopeds on the road/footpath without a helmet or doing wheelies on a moped (this may also lead to a moped being seized)
  • Standing in shop doorways preventing anyone from getting in or out of
  • the shops.
  • Urinating in the streets
  • Throwing litter on the floor
  • Causing a nuisance on a bus or around a bus stop (may also lead to TFL revoking free travel privilege)
  • Causing Harassment Alarm or distress to members of the pubic
  • Committing any crime
  • Consuming alcohol in public