A new family is taking over at one of Croydon’s longest trading, independent bakeries.

Michael Brown's Bakery, based on Brighton Road, closed in May after more than 40 years of trading.

Keen to preserve the building’s heritage, Mr Brown reached out to the Coughlan family, who have run bakeries in the south London area since 1937.

Sean Coughlan, who currently runs the family business, agreed to take over the site “straight away."

The 47-year-old third-generation baker said: “I was very proud that Michael came straight to us. 

“He spoke to us before closing down and said that after all the work he’d done he wanted another family baker in there.

“It was his real hope that another Croydon family would continue. We’ll we’re Croydon through and through.

“You couldn’t want for a better thing, it’s lovely.

“If you can do business that way, everyone wins and everyone’s happy.”

Sean’s grandad opened the first family business almost 90 years ago in Thornton Heath.

Now the family own 22 bakeries across south London, ten of which are in Croydon.

Throughout their expansion, Sean says the family tried to maintain a competitive but healthy respectful relationship with other independent bakeries such as Mr Brown’s.

“It was out of respect. We love to see other artisan businesses thriving so gave them the space to trade,” he said.

“I never would have wanted to fight against a business like Michael’s.

Michael Brown’s bakery announced the end of trading in late May, explaining it was due to a “change in the personal circumstances of the owner.”

Mr Coughlan, who is married with three daughters, says the bakery will “pick up where Michael left off.”

After a refit due to be completed in two weeks’ time, the bakery will sell handmade breads and pastries much as before.