Cannabis-enthusiasts queued around the block to get their hands on legal weed 'buds' and oils at a Thornton Heath vape-shop's first open day.

More than 50 people waited for entry to Hastag Vaperz Lounge, based on the high-street, which is one of only two shops in the capital selling a form of weed with reduced levels of THC, the psychoactive part of the drug which makes users 'stoned.'

The shop hosted its first open day on Saturday, selling all products containing CBD, the component of cannabis with medicinal benefits, at half price.

Shop owner Bessem Bikhazi, 39, said: "The atmosphere was manic.

"Shortly before 3pm there were around 60 to 70 people queuing on the streets.

"It got so busy we had to get a security guard to man the door, limiting the amount of people who could come in.

"It's new to a lot of people, and it's been hyped up. "

CBD 'buds' are grown in such a way that THC levels are kept below 0.2%, the threshold for legality.

Each strain, from Lemon Haze to AK47, has an accompanying certificate which proves it complies with the legal requirements.

The store, which opened seven months ago, sells over 12 different strains, which are indistinguishable in taste and smell from typical cannabis.

Instead of getting traditionally 'high,' users can enjoy the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol), which is typically consumed as oil and can be used to treat a number of conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety.

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The shopfront

On the day CBD buds, oils, gummies, tea, coffee, water and cakes were all 50% off.

Mr Bessem said the event attracted a variety of customers, both recreational and medical, who travelled from as far as north London.

"People just can't believe that it's come to Croydon, and it's one of only three in the country selling buds.

"We had elderly people showing up, people in wheelchairs, even an enforcement officer from a local court who was so relieved there's now a way to smoke weed without it showing up in drug tests.

"It's the same with bus drivers; now they have peace of mind."

Hashtag Vaperz Lounge is located at 11 High St, Thornton Heath CR7 8RU.