More than 80 people turned out to "reclaim" South Norwood Country park at less than a day's notice following a spate of sexual attacks.

Friday's group walk, organised by the South Norwood Tourist Board, aimed to raise awareness of the threat to lone women using the park, with some activists claiming the police have not done enough to spread information.

In less than two months, four lone women have been sexually assaulted in nature reserve, and another two attacked, whilst jogging or walking dogs.

Investigating police have so far made three arrests, the most recent of a man released under investigation yesterday on suspicion of sexual assault and robbery.

Your Local Guardian:

More than 80 walked through the nature reserve (credit - Christopher Hope-Fitch)

Following the walk, community organiser Jane Nicholl, 68, said, “Once again, the people of South Norwood proved that they stand united.

"Nearly 100 people attended the Reclaim The Park event, which aimed to both raise awareness of the recent spate of sexual assaults and also to show community solidarity in the face of the antisocial behaviour of one individual.

“Thank you to everyone who turned up – and all those who couldn’t but who shared their support online.

"People met, made new friendships, arranged future walks together and reinforced the community bonds that make South Norwood a place that we are proud to call home.”

Officers are investigating six separate attacks, believed to have taken place between May 3 and June 21.

Each of the victims, aged from their early 30s to mid 60s, was walking or jogging alone, five of them with dogs.

All of the offences occurred in daylight, on weekdays between 10.50am and 4.30pm, and in four cases, the suspect either stole or attempted to steal phones from the victims.

Fortunately, none of the victims suffered further injuries.

The suspect is described as a black male, aged between 16 and 25, tall, thin, with dark hair.

Speaking previously to Croydon Guardian, Ms Nicholl expressed concern at the lack of community engagement from the police.

She said: "The police haven't been very proactive in informing people.

"There could be more information and better communication.

"It would be helpful for them to issue a statement, to go to the country park and hand out leaflets."

Police have advised users of the park to be vigilant, and additional police patrols are taking place in the area.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting reference CAD 5140/20JUN19 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.