A Sutton father who lost both his legs to sepsis now teaches other people how to walk, having trained as a specialist instructor.

In 2017, Nick Dodge, 60, contracted a severe form of the infection, which causes bodily organs to shut down and blood clots to form, spending seven months in hospital.

After both his legs were amputated and replaced with prosthetic limbs, he trained to teach others Nordic walking, a full-body exercise using specially designed poles.

Mr Dodge, who formerly worked as a builder, said: "Nordic walking has been really important, it makes so much difference.

"Its built up my strength and confidence after spending such a long time in hospital, and it really raises your mood.

"I want more people to get involved."

Your Local Guardian:

Mr Dodge hosts weekly sessions in Nonsuch Park

The father of three first was first introduced to the sport by the charity Limb Power during his rehabilitation at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, where he learnt to use his state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs.

Originating in Finland, Nordic walking is a total-body workout using poles, developed to keep cross-country skiers in shape during the off-season.

After leaving hospital in November 2017, Mr Dodge became one of the first four double amputees to train as Nordic walking instructors.

For the last three months he has put on free sessions once a week in Nonsuch Park, Sutton, taking members of the public on hour long walks.

Although he gets a consistent attendance, Mr Dodge hopes to see more amputees in the future.

"I'm honing my skills as an instructor," he said

"I haven't had any amputees yet; I'd really like to have more.

"I advertise the sessions in Queen Mary's, but it's a bit too early for most of the people in there.

"But I really want to share the benefits with people who've gone through the same experience as me.

"As an amputee you have really bad days, but it gets you outside in the air and raises your confidence.

"Just the other week I completing 12 holes of golf using my walking poles."

If you're interested in taking part, contact Mr Dodge at dodge.nick@yahoo.co.uk