Members of Sutton's Lib Dem group have opposed plans to build new schools in certain areas, despite a rise of more than 100 applications for September places on the previous year.

In March, the Lib Dem-controlled council announced an extra 134 secondary school spaces were needed in the borough.

Ruth Dombey, council leader and representative for Sutton North, was one of the councillors whose name appeared on a Lib Dem publication which expressed opposition to building two new schools, a non-selective secondary comprehensive and a specialist school for children with autism, on Rosehill Recreation Ground, which falls in her ward.

Sutton Independent councillor Nick Mattey accused the council of incompetence over its approach to schools.

The Beddington North councillor said: “The school places crisis in Sutton is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds as a result of council incompetency.

“In Hackbridge, because the Council are project managing the site themselves, it’s cost us an extra £4,500,000."

After plans for the two new schools were announced in February, Cllr Dombey wrote to residents, describing the designs as "unacceptable", saying they need to be "substantially revised."

The school is due to open in 2021, subject to planning permission, but it is understood plans are being put in place to open a temporary site next year to meet demand.

However, a temporary site can only be put in place if planning permission is granted. If it is not, existing schools could be asked to make room for children without spaces.

A Sutton Council spokesperson said: “Sutton Council has one of the best records in London for providing school places each year for all residents of the borough.

“We have a growing population in Sutton, and due to their excellent exam results, our schools are popular and often over-subscribed.

“We have an ambitious programme of school expansion and new school building that is keeping up with the demand for school places. Our current programme will ensure parents and carers continue to have choice regarding where they send their children.

“Local planning policies set out where we need to provide new school places.

"Our recently Government-approved Local Plan was subject to public consultation.

"There will be a government-funded school in Rosehill.

"Local councillors should rightly consult residents regarding any planning application within their area to ensure projects meet the council’s high design standards.”