Business leaders and politicians from across the world gathered in Croydon last week to learn of the investment opportunities on offer in the borough.

The Trilateral Global Summit, convened by Abdul Basit Syed, the Mayor's international trade ambassador, brought together participants from more than 25 countries, including banking CEO's, corporate heads and politicians from Portugal, Morocco and India.

Seeking to promote international peace through global trade, the summit promoted Croydon as an investment location in events at Croydon town hall and the House of Lords.

Abdul Basit Syed, founder of World Humanitarian Drive, said: "We want to enable trade and investment as a catalyst to promote peace and strengthen the bonds between nations.

"The participants in this Summit are from more than 15 nations and cover most continents of the world.

"In a short time WHD has made huge strides, it has forged important links with faith leaders, civil society and Government organizations across the world to combat violence and extremism.

"We are seeking to promote peace through trade, education, sports, arts and media while instilling humanitarian values in our modern world.

A keynote address was delivered by CEO of Doha Bank Dr Raghavan Seetharaman, who is said to have show interest in Croydon as an investment opportunity.

The summit will reconvene in 2020.