Drivers of company-owned cars will now be able to apply for resident parking permits in Sutton after a contentious policy was overturned.

Implemented in September 2016, the 'N1' policy was designed to discourage companies from parking fleets of commercial cars on residential streets, prioritising space for residents.

Acknowledging recent feedback from residents gathered during Parking Strategy consultations, the Council has reviewed the policy and decided to allow the granting of residents permits for all cars, regardless of where the vehicle is registered, provided it is being used by a resident of the zone.

The new policy will apply to all existing and any future controlled parking zones, subject to the necessary statutory consultation and procedures.

Environment and Neighbourhood Committee chair Manuel Abellan said: “The intention of the original policy was to discourage companies using residential streets to park their fleet vehicles, rather than provide parking at their own premises. We want to prioritise residential parking spaces for residents' cars.

“Since the adoption of the policy there have been only 10 refusals in the existing Controlled Parking Zone in Central Sutton of new applications for N1 vans not registered at home.

“However, following feedback from residents during our parking consultations, we have now reviewed our decision and decided to revoke the policy.

“I sympathise with residents who are concerned with the growing number of large company-owned vehicles that are now being parked in the borough and this issue needs to be addressed. However I do not think that it is fair to penalise and disproportionately impact those residents that rely on N1 category company-owned vans to make a living.”