A mum from Weybridge has become the face of a national lung cancer awareness campaign after being diagnosed with the disease.

The campaign is being run by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, the only UK charity dedicated solely to all forms of the disease, under the tagline #LIKEME.

The awareness raising project is aimed primarily at women under 50, who are currently more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer at a later stage of the disease when treatment may no longer be curative.

Liz Bradley, 42, is described as "cheerful, busy mother of three boys" and is living with lung cancer after recovering from successful surgery and chemotherapy.

Speaking about her experience of the disease, the Weybridge mum said she felt "profoundly lucky" that she could receive successful treatment for the cancer.

"Being part of this campaign, you realise the roll of the dice that is the outcome of life sometimes.

"It makes me feel profoundly lucky that I've been on the right side of the dice throw and very sad for those who haven't been," Ms Bradley said.

The Weybridge resident described how she had never smoked and lead a healthy lifestyle — highlighting how the disease could reach anyone.

She added that the #LIKEME campaign was about encouraging more people to seek advice and help more sufferers catch the disease while it is treatable.

"We’re saying it’s time to see past the stereotype and recognise that even seemingly mild symptoms really could indicate lung cancer.

"For women under 50, it’s time to look at these faces and ask – are they #LIKEME?" Ms Bradley said.

Paula Chadwick, chief executive of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, said that Ms Bradley's story should act like a warning for wider society.

"There are dangerous misconceptions about this disease, and they’re costing lives," Ms Chadwick said.

"Too many lung cancers go undetected until it’s too late. Too many families are being deprived of mothers, partners, sisters, daughters," she added.

"We urge doctors to see beyond the patient and recognise the symptoms. If the signs are there, we say they must push for a proper diagnosis. Speedy action saves lives. That’s why #LIKEME is so vital..."

For more info. about lung cancer and the #LIKEME campaign go to: https://www.roycastle.org/campaign/like-me