If you live in Carshalton or Sutton town centre you might want to have your say on how heritage in your home town is protected.

This week Sutton Council published plans on heritage sites in the two areas.

Back in 2017 the Sutton Town Centre was designated a Heritage Action Zone by Historic England.

This recognises a conservation area centred around The Cock Sign at the Turnpike in Sutton High Street and includes the old police station, the Baptist Church and Trinity Church as a conservation area.

New plans propose extending this to include more of the town centre including Victorian and Edwardian facades above shops and St. Nicholas Church.

And in Carshalton Village, residents called for the existing Character Appraisal to be strengthened to make sure the area is protected and that new developments do not damage heritage assets.

Councillor Jayne McCoy, chair of the council’s housing, economy and business committee, said: “We have a wealth of heritage in our borough that we want to celebrate and preserve for future generations.

“We are ambitious for Sutton and that means future development must fit alongside our heritage to both enhance and add to it. Historic England has highlighted how heritage can boost a town’s attractiveness and its economy, and these plans set out how that will work in our borough.”

Residents from both areas will have their chance to have their say on the proposals in a public consultation which closes on June 21.

Before then there will be stalls in both areas gathering the views of residents, or you can have your say online.



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