"If Trump won’t come to Queenstown, Queenstown goes to Trump."

That was the message from a trio of councillors who have slammed the President for failing to visit the ward's US embassy for a second straight year.

"When US President Donald Trump came to Britain for his State Visit this week, he decided not to make the short trip south to Battersea to see the newly opened US Embassy," Queenstown councillor Maurice Mcleod said.

"This trip is Trump’s second trip to London as President and it’s the second time he has decided the newly opened US embassy in Nine Elms isn’t worth visiting."

"We shouldn’t be surprised though because despite the new £1bn building being the home US Government in the UK, Trump called the area a ‘horrible location’ and ‘lousy’ after cancelling a planned trip to officially open the embassy last February."

In April last year, Trump renewed his criticism at the move from Grosvenor Square in the centre of London to the new location in Nine Elms.

Mcleod, alongside fellow ward councillors Aydin Dikerdem and Paula Walker, said they were determined to make a stand against the visiting leader.

This led them to take part in the anti-Trump demonstration in Westminster at the weekend.

“Donald Trump is the poster boy for a hateful brand of politics that is gaining ground all over the world,” Mr Mcleod said.

“The residents of Queenstown stand united against the bigotry, Islamophobia, climate denial, and erosion of women’s rights that this President represents.

"We don’t get to vote in US elections but we get to have our say by being part of these peaceful vibrant demonstrations.”

Mr Dikerdem added that Trump’s controversial restrictions against countries including Somalia have a particular impact on North Battersea.

“We have a large Somali community in Queenstown which is being directly discriminated against through the racist legislation of Trump," he said.

“We have a responsibility to stand against him, particularly as it is our ward that is home to the American embassy.”

President Trump was approached for comment regarding his decision not to visit the US embassy.