Children at a Hampton special school have become local celebrities thanks to a short documentary about life at the school.

The pupils of Clarendon Primary Centre have become influencers in their own right after their video went viral.

Actor Nick Raggett decided to make the film in an attempt to change the perception of special needs education.

“The video focuses on what the kids can and want to do rather than what they cannot do,” Mr Raggett said.

“The children were very enthusiastic and keen to get involved and their parents have been so emotional and happy. They have said the film represents the school and truly celebrates special needs.”

Since its release last month, the video has already received over 8,000 hits online and featured on Channel Five News.

The film truly captures the children’s personalities as they dance, play and discuss what they want to be when they are adults

Mr Raggett, who has a son at the school, wanted to encourage parents who struggle with deciding where they want their children to be educated.

The film took two weeks to record and four hours to edit down to six minutes.

According to the Department of Education around 1.2 million children in the UK have special needs and only 253,000 have a special needs statement or special needs care plan.

Since the film’s debut, the school children have watched it almost every day and have been stopped in the street by people who want to congratulate them.

Community groups in the area have also reached out to Nick to ask if they can share the video on their websites.