A Sutton pair are hoping to liven up the area with a new not-for-profit music space.

In 2017 owners of The Sound Lounge, Hannah White and Keiron Marshall, announced with "unimaginable sadness" that their Tooting-based venue would close after less than a year after opening.

But they were determined in their goal to develop a space where young people could take in music workshops, tackle social isolation and in general meet up with other people.

"What it means for Sutton is a culture of quality roots music in a space that welcomes everyone," Ms White said.

"We wanted to bring music and arts to the area because we live in Sutton and so it is very natural for us to want to invest in our local borough.

"We have seen from our previous locations (Tooting, Wimbledon and Colliers Wood) the impact that is made when true inclusion in practiced in an artistic space."

But to do this they needed money, and lots of it.

A fundraising page was set up last month and has since raised more than £13,000. With the ultimate goal to raise another £2,000, Ms White said they could then secure the space, pay all the necessary fees, and create a "very basic music venue."


"We have raised just over £13,000 so far which has just been donations from individuals who care as much as we do about the local area and the fact that music venues UK-wide, London particularly, are in such steep decline," Ms White added.

"We all need these spaces so much. We are blown away by the response to the Crowdfunder.

"It’s been really heart-warming to see how much people care about music and culture and to what extent people want to get involved in their local community."

But they aren't settling. Instead they are dreaming big.

"We will have an exhibition wall for visual artists to showcase their work and we will be a space for fringe theatre, spoken word and dance," Ms White said.

"The Sound Lounge is going to be a facility for local individuals and/or groups to use for their own activities, workshops, events and meetings.

"As well as being a venue we will be a welcoming café bar, with a plant based kitchen and carbon free dining.

"We are aiming to be as sustainable as possible and as accessible as possible for disabled people; because we care about our community and our planet."

Even thought eh Crowdfunding page will stop accepting donations on Friday, you will still be able to lend a helping hand on the website for the venue.