A discarded cigarette is believed to be behind a Norbury flat fire over the weekend.

The London Fire Brigade were called at 4.04pm on June 1 to St Helier's Road.

Four fire engines and about 25 firefighters attended the scene.

The alarm was raised when neighbours saw smoke coming from a the balcony of a first floor flat.

The balcony of the flat was destroyed by the fire and a small part of one room of the flat sustained fire damaged.

The LFB's fire investigators believe the fire was accidental and caused by a discarded cigarette.

An LFB spokeswoman said: “If you smoke, it is vitally important to ensure your cigarette is disposed of carefully by stubbing it out, preferably in an ash tray.

"If you smoke before bed, make sure your cigarette is fully out and never leave your lit cigarette unattended.

"As we’ve seen here, carelessly discarded cigarettes can easily start fires.”