A controlled detonation of the Second World War bomb which was found on a construction site in Kingston yesterday morning has taken place, police have confirmed.

Social media users reported to have heard a loud “bang” or “explosion”, with many believing it was connected with the wartime ordnance, before police verified the situation.

In a post on Twitter, Kingston police said: “We would like to inform you that a controlled detonation of the WWII ordnance on #FassettRoad has been completed successfully.

“Full updates pending...”

Police also say that, while they understand people wish to return home as soon as possible, they are working on timescales at this time.

A further update added: "We understand that residents would like to return to their homes as soon as possible.

"The site is currently being assessed by @RBKingston [Kingston Council] surveyors and utility companies.

"We will provide timescales as soon as possible. Please follow us for further updates."

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