Beddington Cricket Club has been given a new energy storage system in a bid to maximise their use of efficient energy while cutting down on bills.

As the clock counts down to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, ex-England international cricketer Phil Tufnell helped launch the installation at the club, in Church Road, on May 23.

The Nissan Energy Solar including xStorage Home aims to provide an “environmentally friendly and more grid independent way of generating and story energy” for Beddington CC, while also helping them save money on energy bills.

Beddington CC club president Andrew Tibble said: “Beddington Cricket Club is one of thousands of clubs across the country that are much-loved icons of British summertime, enjoyed by players and the local community.

“But we face a real challenge every year in finding new ways to generate and save money to cover vital running costs.

“So, we have been delighted this season to partner with Nissan and install the solar panels and the xStorage system that will save thousands of pounds over the coming seasons, enabling us to reinvest in club facilities.

“This is the first step to taking a more sustainable approach to the future running of the club.”

The lack of investment into club facilities is suggested to be among the reasons why numbers of local cricket players are falling.

Around 22.5 per cent of teenagers, aged between 11 and 15 years old, played cricket back in 2012 according to research backed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

But those numbers have ostensibly declined, with it lowering to around 12.6 per cent last year, and almost 50 per cent of children are playing less now too.

Tufnell, a Nissan cricket ambassador, who was also joined by the official ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy at the event, said: “Community cricket clubs are the starting place for many future international players and it’s great to see that even after 150 years ‘not out’, Beddington Cricket Club is finding ways to embrace innovations that enable it to remain at the heart of the community.

“Visiting the club with Nissan and the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy is a great way to experience the excitement that is building ahead of the tournament – which I’m sure will be followed up and down the country and around the world.

“Bring on the carnival atmosphere!”

Kalyana Sivagnanam, managing director at Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd., said: “Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility (NIM) strategy puts it at the forefront of research into how batteries from electric vehicles can be used in ‘second-life’ applications.

“The installation at Beddington CC gives us the opportunity to bring cleaner energy management to a community and safe the club money on their future energy bills.

“We are always looking to demonstrate the diverse ways in which our battery technology can benefit homes, communities and businesses and this latest installation breaks new boundaries.”