Buses in around the Barnes area need a rethink following the Hammersmith Bridge closure, according to Richmond Council.

Over the weekend, Transport for London updated bus routes in and around the area in response to the closure of the bridge last month.

However, since these changes were introduced residents have raised concerns, highlighting that the area south of the bridge has lost local connections, including bus routes towards Roehampton.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee for Richmond Council, has written to Transport for London, asking for a meeting to discuss the route changes.

He said: “The closure of Hammersmith Bridge obviously presents a major challenge for bus services and some diverted routes were short and others very long. While it may be difficult to satisfy everyone, there are several recurring concerns regarding the new arrangements, including concerns about a lack of clear information about the changes.

“The loss of local connections within Barnes and Mortlake is especially problematic for elderly residents, those with disabilities and those whose children go to the local schools and nurseries.

“Given the concerns expressed by residents, I have raised a number of the issues with TfL and have suggested that they urgently reflect on the impact of the present arrangements."

The 132-year-old bridge was closed to motorists indefinitely in April after safety checks revealed structural faults requiring repair.

Changes include re-routing bus services between Roehampton, Mortlake, Barnes and the Tube network at Putney Bridge, a new direct link between Barnes and Hammersmith.