Boy band star Oritse Williams' tour manager has told a jury he tried to start a threesome as the singer had "cringey and awkward" sex with a fan.

Jamien Nagadhana, who was also Williams' driver, denies sexually assaulting a woman as she was allegedly being raped by former JLS star Williams.

A trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court has heard claims the two men attacked the "zombified" complainant in a hotel room after Williams performed a solo gig at a nightclub in December 2016.

Williams told the court on Monday he believed Nagadhana was "under his covers" in a different bed when the woman knocked on his hotel room and asked to spend the night with him.

Giving evidence on Tuesday, Nagadhana contradicted the victim's account that she had sworn at Williams during sex - and claimed she had previously discussed "bisexuality, sexual stuff and orgies".

Describing how the woman left and then returned to the room, Nagadhana told the court: "She comes back and I remember her and Oritse start getting together - kissing, hands around each other.

"I am still in my bed. I would probably have been on my phone on my bed. I had seen her and she had seen me.

"I think the sex was cringey and awkward. It wasn't smooth - I know him, he is a bit oafish."

As Williams had sex with the alleged victim, Nagadhana said he decided to go over towards them because the sex was "cringey" and he thought the woman was "probably not" enjoying it.

"I thought I would try and initiate a threesome perhaps," he told the jury. "I thought maybe she would want to have a threesome because of the vibes we had had earlier."

Claiming he touched the woman in an intimate area for around five to six seconds after she looked at him, Nagadhana added: "She didn't really respond. I realised she was not being turned on and I have gone back to my bed."

During the encounter, Nagadhana claimed, the woman had not made any verbal objection and had not tried to resist.

Nagadhana, from Hounslow, west London, also told the jury he fell asleep in his single bed as Williams and the woman were about to engage in further sex.

The tour manager, who has known Williams since they were 15, said the alleged victim and her female friend had been "just acting merry" after taking a taxi to the hotel from the nightclub.

The 32-year-old denies charges of sexual assault and assault by penetration. Williams, also 32 and from Croydon, south London, denies rape.

During cross-examination by prosecutor Miranda Moore QC, Nagadhana denied taking advantage of the woman and insisted his account had not been influenced by anyone.

Miss Moore asked him: "You thought she would enjoy it more if you got involved?"

Nagadhana answered: "I did think that, yes."

Asked why, Nagadhana added: "From the vibe in the taxi and at the hotel, I thought it wouldn't be inappropriate.

"They (the alleged victim and her friends) were handsy and cosy and touchy with me as well."

Questioned about Williams' claim in evidence that he was once involved in a sexual encounter involving the singer and two women, Nagadhana told the jury: "He might have had a foursome but it wasn't with me."

The trial continues.