A Croydon MP has written to the head of British Transport Police (BTP) calling for the conclusions of their investigation into the 2016 tram crash to be released.

Two and a half years on from the tragedy, Sarah Jones' letter addresses "growing frustration with the long wait for answers."

Until the criminal investigation concludes, a coroner's inquest into the seven deaths caused by the derailment cannot take place.

The letter, addressed to BTP Chief Constable Paul Crowther, says: "I am sure you will agree that, despite the complexity of this case, none of us anticipated it would take this long to decide whether to bring criminal charges against those being investigated.

"While I understand that the BTP is unable to discuss details of the case itself, I would appreciate some reassurances over the level of resource and staff being committed to this important and high-profile case."

An investigation by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) made 15 recommendations to improve safety on the network.

In February the Government confirmed £1.5m funding will be made available to establish a new Light Rail Safety Standards Board to ensure measures are upheld.

All London trams are also to be fitted with an automatic breaking system, which will be triggered when trams exceed a maximum speed.

The delay in criminal charges was recently described as a “national disgrace” by the lawyer for one victim’s family, Ben Posford.

In a recent statement to media, a BTP spokesperson said: “"BTP are continuing to investigate the circumstances of, and the events leading up to, the tram derailment in Croydon on November 9 in 2016.”