Two students at a school in Battersea will see their words take on a different form.

At a special event on May 17, Linden Homes unveiled a haiku inscribed onto a plaque at its new Viewpoint development in Battersea, written by two pupils from nearby Westbridge Primary School.

The plaque is within the lobby of Viewpoint, which is located at York Road, and was the culmination of a poetry competition at the primary school.

Year five teacher at Westbridge, Thomas Barton said: “It was a real privilege for Westbridge to be asked to take part in the competition and the children all really enjoyed writing their haikus.

"They loved seeing the winning poem on the plaque and the others published in the poetry book.

"It is particularly special as they now know that they have made a permanent contribution to the local community of Battersea.”

The competition, which Linden Homes launched last year, tasked year five pupils to write haikus dedicated to Battersea and The Thames.

Two winners, Cerys Harrison and Sophie Sulal, were chosen, whose poems were blended together to read:

‘The Thames River flows

It flows everyday with us

Battersea is home’

Ginny James, head of sales at Linden Homes south east added: “We were delighted to have welcomed the pupils to our Viewpoint development.

"Their enthusiasm brightened up everyone’s day.

“We chose Battersea and The Thames as themes for the poetry competition; Battersea has a unique sense of community and culture, whereas The Thames, which is moments from Viewpoint is symbolic of London’s greatness.

“The Thames has symbolised the capital’s success for centuries, and as we enter an age of automation and AI, London’s future success hinges on the creativity of younger generations. The creativity shown by pupils was truly inspiring and is a testament to the talent of the capital’s young people.

“It was very difficult to choose a winner, and I think every pupil can be proud of their poems. We are so thankful for their participation and would like to thank everyone at Westbridge Primary School.”