Pupils from a North Cheam primary school held a sleepout in their school’s playground as they raised awareness about homelessness.

Teachers at St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School, in London Road, tried to add authenticity by giving them food and drinks, though others were “moved on”.

Children also prepared for the experience by developing stories of how they ended up “homeless” and living on the street.

“It felt scary at first but, afterwards, we got used to it and we felt like we were actually experiencing being homeless,” said Amelia.

“I feel it was a life-changing experience because we got to experience how some people are living today.”

Parents also joined their children for a soup kitchen in the hall before they all went for prayer and reflection, led by the school’s chaplains.

The event was held in collaboration with WE Day UK, which was attended by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and St Cecilia’s pupils at Wembley Arena back in March.

Children from the school, alongside thousands of others, pledged to make a difference for the future and enact social change.

They also asked for donations for Croydon Nightwatch as well, raising £1,050 in the process.

Some of it will go towards making emergency packs for homeless people, while the rest will be given to charity.

David Louridas, WE Schools’ senior program manager, said: “Thank you all for running such a fantastic campaign and making a big impact in your local community.”