There are weeks where it feels like it is all falling apart, and others that put a smile on our face. Like the weather; this month has had a complex start and finally the sun is shining on everything around our beautiful town.

Last week I was invited to Elys Urban Beauty launch. It seemed not that long ago that Elys was a mere post office where I queued to get my first driving licence form. But with Aveda moving across the street into a brand spanking new Gina Conway Salon and Spa along with MAC Cosmetics and Londora Nail Boutique, it was going to be a game changer for Wimbledon.

As I stepped out the cab, I saw a teenage schoolgirl wearing the most brilliant shade of lipstick. I had to smile, remembering the scolding I got for wearing makeup at that age. As I crossed the road in white jeans and gold sandals, the heavens opened up! I turned the corner to see hundreds of girls and ladies of all ages queuing for a goody bag. The DJ was playing some uplifting tunes and I saw my team waiting for me at the entrance. Apologising profusely for being late, I admitted I had just had my heart broken and needed some time to wash it away. Just then, the golden man of Wimbledon James Bond was walking by and gave me a hug. We took a quick photo and my beauty blogger Arif Allen kindly took me to the MAC counter to put on a fresh pair of eyes.

It was impossible to be anything other than buzzing in Elys that evening. A beautiful woman came up to me and introduced herself. She explained how much effort it had taken to organise her small children with childcare and get ready to come out to the event and say hello. Ekaterina reminded me she is the founder of The Greek Wives Club and we spoke fondly of Cyprus and her family's Greek restaurant The Stage Door opposite the theatre, which I can't wait to take the kids for Kleftiko.

There was another surprise, which I naturally gravitated towards. The St Palo stand with beautiful necklace pendants and a choice of aromatherapy scents to place inside. With a promise of comfort throughout the day and a scent of perfume just for me - it sounded heavenly. Given a choice to 'breathe in serenity' or 'lift your spirit', I was tempted to create a cocktail of both!

With fresh eyes, a stunning new MAC lipstick called 'Crave' and wearing a mood enhancing aromatherapy pendant, it was perfect timing to meet Morleys Stores CEO Nigel Blow and the Fashion and Beauty Buying Director Daren Gittins. Congratulating them on such an incredible space and launch party we joined Head of Marketing Caroline Rothwell for a photo.

The highlight of my evening was with the beautiful woman Gina Conway, whom I am honoured to call my friend. She was in her element and had crowds of ladies around her.

Gina took the time to show me three floors of her salon and spa and the final destination was right at the very top. A corridor of total calm and quiet; it was the Gina Conway Spa, a room of utter indulgence and tranquillity. Even if it is once in a blue moon, we agreed that every woman in Wimbledon deserves an hour in this room. Something for me to keep in mind the next time I have a rocky few days. As we walked out, she took a look at my scraggly hair and also reminded me that my hair soon needs her love and attention.

There is so much self-care we all need and deserve, but so little time. However, if the sun stops shining, at least we now have a one stop shop to lift our spirits inside and out.