Police are investigating after a dog viciously attacked a woman in Wallington earlier this month (April 20). 

Pepa Lenova said she was walking near her home on Saturday, April 20, when two women and a large dog, possibly a Doberman, walked towards her. 

The dog, Ms Lenova said, was not on a lead, and was behaving aggressively. 

It then proceeded to attack her, biting her leg and causing what doctors later described as a "deep wound". 

Ms Lenova described the event: "Two women were walking their big and very aggressive dog on the pavement of Forester’s Drive, on the side of the Roundshaw allotments. 

"Just between the allotments and the junction their big dog attacked me for no reason at all. 

"I asked the women to hold the dog but they just released the dog, did not make any attempt to hold it or stop it and watched it biting off a piece of my thigh." 

The Wallington resident added that one of the women initially offered to take her to hospital immediately after the attack. 

However, she said the pair and the dog ended up fleeing the scene. 

After the attack, Ms Lenova was taken to St Helier hospital for treatment. 

Speaking to the Sutton Guardian, she described the severity of her injury and the distress the incident had caused her. 

Ms Lenova said: "The doctors said that it was a very deep wound and sent me for an X-ray to check the damage. There is a damage to the soft tissue of my thigh.

"I am still in terrible pain, on painkillers, the wound is still bleeding...I cannot sleep at night as I re-live the horrible attack."

In a statement, the Met Police said they were investigating the attack but had made no arrests so far. 

The Met Police spokesperson said: "Police were called at around 18:20hrs on Saturday, 20 April to reports a woman had been bitten by a dog on Forester’s Drive, Wallington.

"It is believed the victim, a woman in her 60s, was walking down the road when she was bitten on the leg by a dog.

"No arrests have been made; enquiries continue."

Ms Lenova said she had suffered a great deal of psychological stress after the incident, and added that she hoped the police would track down the owners of the dog who attacked her so that another incident like this would not happen again. 

She said: "I am very depressed, very upset... scared to leave the house and extremely scared of dogs now. I think the vicious attack will have long term effect on my health not only physically but mentally."

"It is our responsibility as a community to protect ourselves and to ensure we and our children live in a safe environment," the Wallington resident added.