A Richmond playwright has written a tragicomedy following the rise of Tory MP Boris Johnson performing at a theatre in Barnes.

Boris Rex, written by Charlie Dupre, draws on Shakespeare to tell the story of the controversial politician's seamless journey from Oxford University troublemaker to gaff-prone statesman.

The play, showing at the OSO Arts Centre, combines original verse with spoken word, comedy and rap, employing a visual aesthetic “somewhere between Greek tragedy and dreadful clown.”

Explaining why he chose Boris as his subject Mr Dupre said: “As well as being the most theatrical figure in the centre of politics at the time of writing, Boris Johnson is also the one who most embodies the kind of Machiavellian career-climbing, back-stabbing and egoism that I wanted to zoom in on.

“I really hope he won't become Prime Minister; I think he'd be a disaster and wouldn't last long. But I wouldn't be surprised if he makes it somehow or other.

“He cannot play by the rules - rules of tact, honesty, integrity - because he never has. In other situations, it would be frustrating, perhaps hurtful, but hilarious.

“But in this situation, it is very, very dangerous.”

Charlie Dupre is a spoken word and rap artist known for combing literary influences with modern delivery.

He has performed at Latitude, Secret Garden Party and is a four-time Hammer and Tongue spoken word finalist.

His previous plays include The Stories of Shakey P, which was co-commissioned by the RSC for the

Edinburgh Festival 2012 and Macblair, which played the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes 2017.

Charlie was raised in Barnes, and his shows have previously toured at the OSO Arts Centre.

Boris Rex will be performed in the Anne Carroll space, named after the former leader of the Barnes Theatre Company, a local youth theatre company that Charlie was a part of.

The play opens on April 30, running until May 3.