A stationary shop in Epsom's Ashley Centre launched a partnership with the children's charity Rainbow Trust today (April 24).

Smiggle are an Australian stationary company with a branch in Epsom's Ashley Centre shopping mall.

On Wednesday they announced a five-week collaboration with the Rainbow Trust, a charity that supports children and families affected by terminal illness.

As part of the partnership, Smiggle said it would be donating over £65,000 worth of products to the Rainbow Trust — to be made up into goody bags and distributed to the children who are part of the charity’s community to help them through difficult times.

The Ashley Centre’s Event’s Co-ordinator Sonia Pereira Polido, praised the announcement and offered some further details on the partnership.

Ms Pereira Polido said: "We love this idea of choosing kindness with Smiggle supporting Rainbow Trust in this way and we’d like their customers to get involved too.

"Smiggle staff will be asking customers to write a kind note to the seriously ill children and their families to go in the goody bag of Smiggle products.

"This can be a message or draw a picture and post in the mailbox in store. Customers can also visit the Choose Kindness hub at www.smiggle.com to download a note to bring into the store."