Gardens across London, from Barnet to Sutton, are opening their gates and encouraging people to visit their nearest community food gardens as part of a city-wide initiative.

The Big Dig Day, set to be held on April 27, has been launched by the Capital Growth Network, one of the largest urban growing networks in the world.

It is organised by food and farming charity Sustain to encourage people to grow their own food right within their own gardens.

Those taking part range in all different shapes and sizes – from the allotment garden in The Regent’s Park, to urban farms, market gardens, community projects and schools.

Big Dig Day wants to get people to meet others at their nearest community food gardens, but also to get them eating more vegetables.

Sarah Williams, from Sustain, said: “We have been working with all sorts of community gardens for the last 10 years and see first-hand how they bring together people of all ages and walks of life in nature, providing a sense of calm and ultimate feeling of wellbeing.”

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The initiative to get people eating more veg is part of the Veg Cities campaign, which will have family friendly activities such as planting, seed sowing and garden tours.

Organisers say the day is for all fitness levels and for people who are looking to get regularly involved or want to relax instead.

Camilla, who started growing food at The Castle Garden in north London, said: “I find growing food an incredibly rewarding experience.

“Gardening in itself is a therapeutic activity, and gardening in a community environment, amongst other people with similar interests or views, is even better.”

Sutton Community Farm, a community-owned farm started in 2010, is one of the 32 gardens taking part in Big Dig Day.

For further information you can visit, contact, or contact 0203 559 6777.