There is a new land above one of Wimbledon's secret staircases. On the Broadway, we all recognise the impressive dome above Centre Court Shopping Centre, but many have not opened the hidden glass door leading to a new social sanctuary overlooking Wimbledon Town.

This uber-cool London style rooftop bar is lit up by 1000 lights. throw in a stunning interior, a choice of cleverly concocted cocktails and delicious dishes and you will find yourself in the land of 601 Queen’s Rd.

After holding one too many lunch meetings on one of their large round impressive blue tables and being continually impressed by the friendly staff, it seemed an obvious place to host my next party.

With 10 days to organise Wimbledon's most glamorous networking event, we sent out invitations to our guest list and received 80 RSVP's in 72 hours.

It was fun to see some guests arrive early and have their photo taken in front of Danielle Sweeney's ethereal Lady Wimbledon logo and ivy balloon wall. When throwing numerous parties in this town, there are no better friends to have than Partica in Centre Court Shopping Centre who provided the stunning balloons.

Within half an hour, the venue was packed with 140 guests, friends, social influencers, locals plus new and famous faces. I was most delighted to welcome The Mayor of Merton Mary Curtin and our glorious Mayor to be Janice Howard who tried 601's new mocktails. There is not usually a 50/50 split of males and females at my event, but 601's new mini burgers and whisky cocktails gave me confidence that the new ratio will continue. Another surprise was our Celeb FC friends attending to support our charity raffle for Jigsaw4U, nominated by their founder Karin Flower. I'm always flattered when Jason Burrill and MC Kie rock up with their friends to catch up and enjoy the night and my gaping smile proved it.

By 9pm, Mav Music Agency’s top female DJ was playing some classic Hedkandi tunes and I soon realised we were not able to turn it down to do the raffle. My quick thinking team asked our Prince Harry look-a-like (who was able to let his hair down before his new arrival), to do a live Instagram story to reveal the winning tickets. There were 5 prizes to be won in our raffle; from a wine tasting experience worth £250 at Firewood Fine Wines in Wimbledon Village, to free membership at Fitness Space Wimbledon, Intersport - who have just opened in Elys - donated a voucher and I am yet to tell Celebrity Ghost Hunter Ashley Buckingham who has been celebrating a £100 voucher for Roxie Steak that his raffle number is correct but the colour is wrong. I may ask my Marketing Manager Flora to break it to him gently. The Brand Manager, Jessica Closs offered a cocktail party for 6 people at 601 Queen’s Rd.

Only the vlog on Wimbledon Times website can explain why jaws dropped when DIOBO passed me an upside down glass to hold. He took a napkin, ripped it up, picked up the pieces, turned the piece into an egg, placed the egg on the base of the glass I was holding and then right before our eyes, a real mouse hatched from the egg and was scampering around the edges wondering more than us what it was doing there. As quick as a flash and before the NSPCA could blink, both him and the red eyed mouse vanished into the night.

As the clock struck 12 and the party was ending, heels were kicked off as we lounged outside on the rooftop sofas. It's the time of night when words start slurring and smoking seems like a great idea. As the music ended and the guests climbed down the once secret staircase, I had a feeling that the land from which we just descended from will be the place to bump into everyone we know.

Feel free to join my guest list on for the next big event.