A cross-party pledge to maintain an attitude of openness to European citizens was agreed in Monday's council meeting amid uncertainty around the implications of Brexit.

In response to the unsettled nature of when and how the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, Labour and Conservative councillors unanimously backed a formal motion at Full Council on Monday night that celebrated the borough’s EU citizens and their contribution towards Croydon’s economy and diversity.

The motion read: “Following the joint statement from the CBI & TUC that the Brexit crisis is now a ‘national emergency’, this council reaffirms our commitment to supporting all our EU citizens, protecting local jobs and the economy, and that Croydon will always celebrate our diversity and be open to all.”

Council Leader Newman welcomed the motion.

“In these uncertain times caused by Brexit it is more crucial than ever that we stand united as a community, and I am proud that Croydon is open to everyone who lives and works in the borough, wherever you are from," he said.

“Whatever individual councillors’ views on Brexit, this unanimous, cross-party motion sends a strong message that every EU citizen who has made Croydon their home is welcome and valued.”