A far-right extremist from Thornton Heath who plotted to blow up a Modern mosque was jailed for four years today.

Steven Bishop, 41, claimed he used the dark web to buy materials for a home-made bomb because the voice of eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, a victim of the Manchester arena bombing, told him to.

Jobless drug addict Bishop was one step away from creating an explosive to attack the Morden Mosque in south London when he was arrested following a tip-off.

He declared "something bad is going happen soon" on Facebook five days before police raided his home and seized tampered fireworks, a detonator and fuse on October 29 last year.

Bishop admitted having explosive substances with intent to endanger life after changing his plea on the first day of his trial at Kingston Crown Court on Monday.

He previously pleaded guilty to possession of information likely to be useful to a person preparing an act of terrorism, a handwritten note on how to make explosives.

Bishop showed little emotion and crossed his arms while being sentenced by Judge Peter Lodder QC who said his plot was "connected to terrorism".

The Judge said: "I'm satisfied that count one is properly described as being connected to terrorism.

"The successful detonation of one or more fireworks at Morden Mosque may have risked the death of number nearby.

"These commercial fireworks were large, for outside display style use with a minimum safety distance of eight metres and the total explosive contents was 202 grams.

"Such explosive contents will burn fiercely when ignited, causing heat, smoke and light and if confined can explode.