Cheam school pupils and older people in the Sutton community have been brought together to talk about the experience of ageing.

Age UK Sutton hosted the afternoon tea event, “In Conversations”, at the Shinner and Sudtone restaurant in Sutton High Street on April 2.

It saw older people discuss their experiences reaching their ages with sixth form students from Cheam High School.

Jill, 74, one of the attendees, said: “I really enjoyed today’s event. The young students were so interested in what we had to say and our views on so many aspects.

“It was nice to have their opinions.”

A young guest also shared their experience and said: “Speaking to people who I wouldn’t usually meet was nice.

“I would definitely attend the next event. It was incredibly enjoyable.”

Conversations between the two generations were “wide-ranging” – from growing up in different times, to education, work and the community.

Some of the young people said they wished they could have experienced a childhood “without so much digital technology”.

Meanwhile, some older people mentioned that younger people their age had fewer opportunities and more pressure when they were growing up.

Deputy Mayor of Sutton Cllr Chris Williams was in attendance and participated in some of the conversations.

He said: “I was struck by the relaxed and easy way the conversations flowed in all the groups I sat in on.

“It very much reinforced the point that we are not divided into young people and old people – we are just people.”

Age UK Sutton will be hosting a series of “In Conversations” events throughout this year.