Collection of council tax and business rates is at an all-time high in Croydon, as an extra £17million was gathered this year compared to last.

In the face of a cumulative 75% reduction in government funding, the council has become more reliant on local sources to fund services, which provide 80% of the borough's income.

During the last financial year the borough’s council tax collection rate was 97.25%, the highest rate the borough has ever achieved.

This contributed more than £204 million to fund council services, £13 million more than last year.

During the same period the council collected 99.25% of business rates, again the highest collection rate in Croydon.

The funds gathered are passed on to central government who then redistribute them across the country. Croydon Council collected more than £124 million, £4 million more than last year.

Councillor Simon Hall, cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “The funds we raise through collecting council tax and the money we receive from our business rates are key to funding vital services.

“Our officers work hard to ensure the vast majority of money owed to the council is collected to help support vital services.

"Croydon is a large borough with more challenges than some of the smaller outer London boroughs so the record collection rate is testament to their hard work.

“Meanwhile our Gateway Services are using some of these funds and working hard to offer appropriate support to those who need it.

"The council is ensuring efficiency and excellent financial management so we can deliver services that make a real difference to our residents’ lives.”