Easter is coming up, and even though it is a time for treats, some have proven to be a serious choking hazard.

Last year a mother took to Facebook to warn others after her child choked to death on a chocolate mini egg.

The anonymous mum wrote a post on the Mum’s Advice parenting website to tell the heartbreaking story of how her five-year-old died after choking on a chocolate mini egg.

The mother wrote: “It has been just short of three years since my precious little girl Sophie passed away she had choked on a mini egg and I was unable to dislodge it.”

She went on to explain that even with first aid qualifications, numerous back slaps and pushing up and under her ribs, she had to watch her daughter die.

The mother urged, that with Easter coming up, children should at least sit down to eat mini eggs or parents should avoid giving them to kids altogether.

She added: “Since Sophie’s passing I have seen many other parents posting into 'mum groups' or their personal Facebook timelines saying their child had also choked on mini eggs, please parents be careful I would hate to know another child had been harmed by these Easter treats, if just one person reads this and watches their toddler, child or teen extra close when eating these my daughter’s death will not be in vain, I would love to have them removed from the shelves but I know this will not happen, but getting parents to be extra vigilant is the best I can do."

St John’s Ambulance has a step-by-step guide if you find a child choking.

Baby (0-12 months)

Step 1: Slap it out

•Lay the baby face down along your thigh and support their head

•Give five back blows between their shoulder blades

•Turn them over and check their mouth each time

Step 2: Squeeze it out

• Using two fingers, give five sharp chest thrusts

• Check the mouth each time

Step 3: Call 999/112 for emergency help

•Take the baby with you to call

• Repeat the steps one and two until help arrives


Step 1: Cough it out

• Encourage the child to keep coughing

Step 2: Slap it out

• Give five sharp back blows between the shoulder blades

• Check their mouth each time

Step 3: Squeeze it out

• Give five abdominal thrusts

• Check their mouth each time

Step 4: Call 999/112 for emergency help

• Repeat steps two and three until help arrives.