An online petition has been launched calling for Sutton Council to remove and ban barbecues in Beddington Park.

The council introduced a new system for booking its static barbecue stands last May after the public space was hit with a series of problems the summer before.

And there were plans to not only keep the existing barbecues in Beddington Park, but also install larger “party barbecue zones” as well.

However, campaigners now want them all gone – and to never return again.

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The ePetition started by Jackie Moore, live on the council’s website, reads: “Sutton Council introduced six static barbecues into Beddington Park to provide areas for families to barbecue in a safe manner, rather than using disposable barbecues on the grass all round the park.

“Since this introduction, the barbecues have attracted large groups and have not been able to stop people using the bushes as toilets, throwing rubbish all over the park, antisocial behaviour and inconsiderate parking.”

Jackie believes the introduction of further “party barbecue zones” throughout Beddington Park would make things worse for its users.

She insists they would attract more antisocial behaviour, litter and parking problems.

The ePetition continues: “The council would also want to start charging more for parking, making a nice, free day out at the park on the swings or feeding the ducks cost you money.

“We would like to see all barbecues removed from the park to keep the place clean, safe and accessible to all: wildlife, children and adults.”

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In addition to the plans, the council wanted to install a new pay and display system, free of charge toilet provision and improve the park’s litter and waste management.

But the recommendations, which were expected to rake in an extra £120,000, were withdrawn at the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee in January.

It is unclear at this stage whether council officers will be putting forward similar proposals to committee again in the near future.

The council says petitions which gain 50 or more signatures from Sutton residents on the electoral roll will get considered at a committee meeting.

Ones which gain more than 1,500 must have a full council debate.

So far the petition calling for a ban on on all barbecues in Beddington Park has gained more than 300 signatures at the time of publishing.

You can see it here.