Furious campaigners are demanding for the “worst eyesore in London” in the heart of North Cheam to be knocked down by early next year.

Organisers of two petitions, urging for Victoria House to be taken over with a compulsory purchase order (CPO), have hit out at both its owners Home Group and Sutton Council.

Alan Plant, chair of the Church Hill, Abbotts and Priory Roads Association (CHAPRA), told the council’s strategy and resources committee on April 1 that “failure is no longer an option”.

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He said: “After 12 years of council policy on this site [this has] achieved absolutely nothing, except further dilapidation of the building and is now probably the worst eyesore in London.

“Given these factors one certain way the demolition and development of this site could be controlled was by the council putting in place procedure toward a CPO. We appreciate the protracted route and delays the council incur to achieve this.

“On the other hand we've waited over 12 years. It can't be any worse. Furthermore, if Home Group were looking for a way to cut their losses this could be an option.”

The CHAPRA chair’s suggested alternative to a CPO was for the council to ensure Victoria House’s early demolition “by whatever means are available” to it or through talks with Home Group.

“However, a result without delay has to be the objective,” he added. “Failure is no longer an option”.

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Photo: Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson, who runs a local Worcester Park community group, helped to organise the petition and joined Mr Plant at the committee meeting.

He said: “I've witnessed councillors supporting oversized planning applications only for developers to sell the site on for profit.

“For years it was lamented that Ladbrokes’ presence and long lease was the barrier to the site's redevelopment. Once it closed that alibi imploded.

“At the 2014 elections, under a 'record of delivery and a promise of more', Nonsuch ward councillors claimed Victoria House would be demolished later that year. It's still there but the councillors are gone, losing all previously save seats.

“Excuse-filled leaflets simply don't cut it.”

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Photo: Richard Johnson

Tom Hichisson, senior development manager at Home Group, outlined that the prospect of an early demolition is “ still on the table” at the meeting.

He also explained the housing provider will look to put forward revised proposals before the end of this year.

Mr Hichisson, who is “responsible for taking the site forward”, said: “We're still determined to bring forward a solution for the site. Obviously our last one obviously didn't end up in the most positive light, shall we say.

“We still believe that the best way to improve the appearance of the site is to bring it forward for redevelopment, and we remain committed to doing so.

“We absolutely recognise it's in everyone's interests to redevelop this site as soon as possible. We have spent a significant amount of money on the site, we are still committed to delivering a new application on the site and developing that ourselves and we want to get to a position where we have a lot more support all-round for what we're proposing on the site.”