A Mexican restaurant and bar could lose its licence to open late because of noise complaints, despite already having seemingly closed down.

Cartel in Battersea has for years been the subject of repeated noise complaints from annoyed neighbours – there are five flats directly above the restaurant – and the occupiers of one of them are asking Wandsworth Council to review the licence.

Sound travels easily up the old Victorian building, meaning there are people living and trying to sleep just a few feet above the venue, which is accused of blaring out loud music until 2am.

Its late night licence has led to Cartel being run as a bar until 2am, but under planning rules it is supposed to close at 11.30pm.

The neighbour is arguing that the late opening, – during which time the venue operates as a bar, playing music and serving alcohol without food – causes a nuisance to her and her neighbours.

But even though the licence is not being reviewed until Tuesday, April 2, Cartel appears to have shut down.

Its website cannot be reached and it is listed by Google as being “permanently closed”.

Whether this is related to the licensing issue is unclear.

Wandsworth Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee will make its decision within five working days of the meeting.