Campaigners are demanding Sutton Council to declare a “climate emergency” as authorities across England take action following a stark warning from scientists and experts.

The online petition, started on March 21, wants the council to “recognise the seriousness of the situation” and welcome “further ambitious steps”.

Having gathered more than 100 signatures already, it comes as neighbouring Kingston prepares to debate declaring a “climate emergency” themselves.

It reads: “We the undersigned petition the council to acknowledge the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Special Report on Global Warming [of 1.5C] (October 2018).

“We request that Sutton Borough Council notes the London Assembly has declared a climate emergency, recognises the seriousness of the situation and welcomes further ambitious steps.

“We request that Sutton Borough Council acknowledges the action already taken by Bristol, Manchester and many other city councils around the UK and the world to declare and commit necessary resources to tackling a climate emergency.

“We urge you to declare a climate emergency, supported by specific plans of action to make Sutton carbon neutral by 2030, and to call on the government to give Sutton Borough Council the powers and funding to make this possible.”

The IPCC’s report, published last October, cautioned that there are only so many years for global warming to be kept at the maximum 1.5C temperature.

Climate experts suggest even a half degree change could see the risk of droughts, extreme heat and floods worsen considerably.

And, while there is no clear definition of a “climate emergency”, it broadly includes target dates to be achieved by 2030 as authorities are being increasingly urged to take action.

“We’ve received and accepted the petition,” a Sutton Council spokesman said. “Should it reach the required threshold it will be considered by committee.”

The petition on the council’s website has 103 signatures at the time of publishing.

You can see the petition here.