This year the clocks will change at the end of March and here is everything you need to know.

Despite the erratic weather recently, we promise that the lighter evenings are on their way, March 31 to be specific.

If you need to remember what way the clocks change twice a year, Spring forward and fall back so this year we will lose an hour of sleep.

The clocks will go forward an hour into British Summer Time (BST) at 1am and your smartphones and internet devices should automatically change.

BST was originally proposed by former Chislehurst resident William Willett, who became incensed by the waste of daylight first think in the morning during Summer.

In 1907 he published a pamphlet called The Waste of Daylight, outlining plans to encourage people out of bed earlier in summer by changing the time on the nation's clocks.

Today in 2019 the woods in which William Willett would spend his mornings riding his horse has been preserved and a sundial has been erected in the clearing.

Parliament originally rejected Willett’s campaign for BST, but in 1916 it was approved and has been the same ever since.

So, we suggest you go to bed an hour earlier the night before so it’s not such a horrible shock on the Sunday when you feel robbed of that precious hour.

The clocks will then go back on October 27.