More than 1000 rolls of premium German toilet paper rejected by the Queen have been donated to a Croydon school.

German company Hakle sent 90 packs of bog roll to Buckingham Palace to ensure the monarch has access to one of life's necessities in case of a 'no deal' Brexit shortage.

After the palette was turned away by security due to safety fears, a staff member of the Dusseldorf based company suggested they should gift to Woodcote High School, based in Coulsdon, where her brother Peter Mack works as Deputy Head.

Mr Mack said: "It's been a slightly confusing series of events, but in the end we've ended up with a helpful stock of high quality loo roll.

"My sister called with the offer, and we were more than happy to accept.

"Whilst it was done as a publicity stunt, there is a serious element to it.

"In case of a no-deal Brexit there is a real chance the UK could run out quickly, since we import far more than we produce."

In 2018 former minister for Europe Denis McShane warned of a possible crisis if the UK leaves without a deal on March 29.

The UK is Europe's largest importer toilet paper, and it is said that supply levels are only ever enough to last a single day.

Hakle sent the "spontaneous delivery" of four ply loo roll "relief" last Monday as part of a stunt covered widely in German newspapers.

Announcing the shipment's final destination, a spokesperson for the company said: "As you have already noticed yesterday, our palette with hakle "Dream Soft" was not accepted despite the threatening toilet paper scarcity from Buckingham Palace.

"Instead, we donated our 90 packs to Woodcote High School in Coulsdon, which was very happy about the large stock of a total of 1.440 rolls of our soft toilet paper!

"So our "Dream Soft" has yet found its way and is now serving the British common good."