A property company has purchased a £500,000 home in Purley as part of a new project helping young people adjust to independent life after living in care.

The home is the third purchased so far as part of Andrews Property Group’s Establish scheme, which aims to provide affordable transitional accommodation, personal support and access to work to help young people leaving care.

In Croydon, the company has worked with CAYSH, a specialist youth organisation which works with young people facing homelessness.

Speaking at the official launch last Thursday, David Westgate, Group CEO at Andrews Property Group, said: “Whilst it felt that we were being incredibly ambitious when we launched [establish], the fact that we’ve now got three homes up and running, with more in the pipeline, just goes to show how focused the entire team is to making this a success.

“Our commitment at Andrews to ensuring that our staff and customers alike are invested in the social purpose for which we were first established is strong, and launching another home for Croydon Council care leavers underpins that.

“But this is not just a case of providing young people with a home; we want to offer them with wider support that encompasses everything from skills development, training and advice on career options, through to how to approach issues around personal finance and other aspects of independent living.

“We’re delighted to again be partnering with CAYSH who have proved to be an ideal partner at the home we launched in nearby Sutton, just over a year ago.”

The property is a three bedroom detached house with a garden, located in a residential suburb between Purely and Kenly.

Members of Andrews’ staff have also trained to work as mentors so that they are able to provide support to the young people to ensure the organisations continuous involvement in the project.

Ann Tighe, Chief Executive of CAYSH, added: “What Andrews Property Group and Andrews Charitable Trust do together is a true example of social philanthropy making a tangible difference.

“It’s been a pleasure to partner with them over the past year and knowing that we’ll now be able to help more young people with the launch of this new home is something we’re all very excited about.”

Nathan Moore works for Andrews and has himself experienced life in care. He’s trained as a mentor and comments: “Having been in care, I understand the challenges that these young people are facing.

“The processes of becoming an independent adult is difficult enough at the best of times, but for those young people leaving the care system the challenges are often amplified if they don’t receive support and guidance.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with some of these young people as a mentor and, hopefully, provide them with the support they need to thrive as they transition in to work or training and get used to living independently.”

The first residents move in later this month.