People in Sutton are being “conned” over Heathrow’s controversial expansion plans, says a campaigner, as the Government is being challenged in the High Court over the potential third runway.

Amna Ahmad labelled it as “unacceptable” that Heathrow didn’t hold a public meeting in the borough “despite repeated requests from residents”.

An unofficial one was held instead and, while consultation organisers were invited to attend it, they apparently did not reply.

Mrs Ahmad, the Liberal Democrats' 2017 parliamentary candidate for Sutton and Cheam, said: “The latest Heathrow consultation shows the new flight paths as Heathrow plans for Government approved expansion. This shows that up to 47 airplanes will be going over our area every hour at a height of 3,000 feet. This will dramatically increase the noise pollution in our area and is a serious concern.”

“It is unacceptable that Heathrow refused to hold a public meeting in Sutton despite repeated requests from residents. I got fed up with this and held a public meeting before the consultation closed. Heathrow was invited to attend but did not reply.

“We are being taken for granted by Heathrow and by this Government. A proper consultation asks for views then reports back - it does not hide away from areas, like Sutton, which will be affected by the changes.

“We are being conned and need answers.”

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Sutton Council has also expressed frustration, saying it was not offered a public event or opportunity to hold consultation materials for residents to look at.

The authority insists it’ll continue to remain against Heathrow’s expansion plans until it can be proven there won’t be any new noise or air quality problems.

There are fears that Sutton, which is roughly nine miles away from the major airport, will be hit by extra aircraft numbers on existing runways, or planes flying at lower altitudes.

A Heathrow spokesman said: “We regret missing the opportunity to attend Mrs Ahmad’s public meeting and have since been in touch to organise another meeting to discuss how we can work better together in the future.

“These events were spread over the designated consultation zone – including Ewell – with venues selected based on a range of factors, including transport links, accessibility and availability.

“All of the consultation documents and materials were also made available online, allowing the public to submit their feedback online or via post from January 8 to March 7.”

It comes as a coalition of councils, residents, environmental charities and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan challenge the Government’s approval of the third runway.

In a case being brought against Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, critics recently told the High Court that the Heathrow expansion would “create a new airport” and have “severe consequences” for Londoners.

But Epsom and Ewell MP Mr Grayling insists the new runway would “clear path to our future as a global nation in the post-Brexit world”.