Young patients at a Sutton children’s hospital are arriving in style thanks to donations of mini Teslas that they can drive to the doors of its operating department.

The mini Teslas, designed to replicate their full size counterparts, take children up to eight years old and have top speeds of 6mph.

They were delivered to Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children, in Wrythe Lane, by Gareth and Helen Rees from the Tesla Owners Club UK after they drove all the way down from Northampton.

Dr Ruth Charlton, joint medical director and consultant paediatrician, said: “I am so pleased to see that we have received this fantastic gift from the Tesla Owners Club, and would like to thank everyone involved in this generous donation.

“Spending time in hospital can be a daunting time for anyone, especially for children, so equipment like this can really make a child’s stay with us more enjoyable.

“We place a big emphasis on the importance of play in our hospitals, and we have a team of play specialist who do an exceptional job of keeping the children in our paediatric departments entertained [and, subsequently, distracted from their illnesses].

“It’s wonderful to see the smile on the children’s faces when they get to drive themselves up to theatre – it helps to make the whole procedure have a less clinical feel, adding a bit of fun to the day and acting as a welcome distraction from what can be quite a nerve racking experience.

“On behalf of our young patients, I would like to thank the Tesla Owners Club once again for their generosity.”

The young patients have a 2mph speed limit when driving their Teslas to the operating department, as it’s hoped their new rides will distract them as they approach surgery.