People set off on their own walks for charity after the much-anticipated Banham Marsden March had to be called off at the last minute.

The Met Office’s forecast for high speed winds forced the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity to announce it had cancelled the event on March 9.

But despite the news coming less than 24 hours before the event, would-be participants took to treadmills, streets and public spaces anyway.

“We’re disappointed to announce the Banham Marsden March is cancelled,” the charity said in a statement.

“Due to a yellow weather warning issued by the Met Office for high wind speeds, the forecast would make the event unsafe and our walkers and volunteers are our #1 priority.

“We do not know yet if it will be possible to rearrange the event. We will consult with all those involved in organising the event and update people with more information as soon as possible.”

A further update the following day (March 10) said organisers were “devastated” about having to cancel the event due to the weather warning.

It added that it’s still unclear whether it’ll be possible to rearrange the event, however, discussions are ongoing to see if it’s feasible.

But participants splintered off into smaller groups with their own unofficial versions in a bid to “carry on marching” for the Marsden.

For instance, a team named ‘Rolly’s Rebels’ from Cheam Social Club donned the event's orange t-shirts and set off on their own seven-mile trek.

Lindsay, whose parents have both been treated by the Marsden, said she was simply “inspired by the care” given by the hospital.

She added: “We set up a group with our pub, the Cheam Social, and it’s got bigger and bigger every year and everyone joins in.

“Everyone has been affected by cancer at some stage, unfortunately, so it’s a positive thing to do for the hospital and for our community to show that we care.”