A petition to ban ban barbecues in Wimbledon Park is gaining momentum.

On March 1, a petition was registered on Merton Council's website that has called for the council to do away with the "dangerous, costly and anti-social" activity.

In the eight days since then, 193 people have signed up to the cause (as of publishing).

"The local community and regular park users are being deprived of using the park on warmer days because of the disruption and disrespect caused mostly by non-locals using barbecues," the petition read.

"Dogs and children are picking up broken glass, discarded food, chicken bones and discarded charcoal, causing injuries and poisoning.

Parties of 50 or more with commercial barbecues and gazebos are being ferried from out of the area, since everyone knows Wimbledon Park is "fair


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"Individuals have been lighting barbecues in the children's play areas and close to the woods despite being asked not to."

In July last year, barbecues in all Merton parks were temporarily banned by the council after te London Fire Brigade issued a warning over potential grass fires in London.

This ban was eventually lifted, but those behind the petition still believe there is a danger.

"The park is so crowded that the woods are being used as a public facility," it read.

"We see individuals entering with toilet paper but never emerging with waste for disposal as dog walkers would, should their animals defecate.

"The grass is being scorched by those using disposal barbecues, causing yet more damage and work for Idverde."

The petition will run until May 10. To view it, click here.