First they promised on their website we would get to see, and comment on, the park redevelopment masterplan before it was finalised and submitted to Bromley Council.

Then, last week, the LDA announced that was all a mistake and the consultation was apparently already closed.

This week they said no, that was another mistake.

We can go on telling them, and now Bromley, our views on what should happen to the park.

This is not, apparently, like any other consultation which has a deadline to ensure we get our views in before it closes.

However, despite lulling thousands of people into the belief that they could wait until the masterplanners showed their hand before having to give their views on the park's future, they won't delay the submission of the masterplan.

So we won't get a chance to finally see the detail of the masterplan, nor to see it together as a whole so we can offer informed opinions as to whether it works or not before it is submitted.

The reason, apparently, is that "the masterplan is ready now" and the LDA doesn't want to delay the planning process.

After all, we have all had plenty of time to tell them what we want. And we have nothing to worry our heads about.

Despite years of consultation, and spending £5million of public money, the long awaited masterplan is merely about landscaping heights, size of buildings and trees, according to an LDA spokesman.

We can trust them to come back with all the important stuff later.

This would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

At best, it demonstrates a level of amateurish incompetence and an inability to communicate effectively with the public which should set alarm bells clanging at full pelt. After all what has the whole consultation process been about from communication?

At worst, it is a cynical shifting of the goalposts at the last moment to prevent the public from having a say on a masterplan that many of us may not, in part, or whole agree with. If this is the case it shows an unforgivable arrogance and contempt for the very people they are supposed to be serving.

Either way it is completely unacceptable.

The LDA needs to stop pretending this is a storm in a teacup and take swift and effective action to resolve this crisis.

Otherwise it will fatally undermine public credibility in both the consultation process and the masterplan.

Every tin pot critic of the masterplan, and there inevitably will be plenty of this, will be able to claim, with considerable justification, it was a fix and simply does not represent the wishes of the people of south London.

There is only one way to resolve this.

The LDA must announce that it is standing by the consultation process published on its website.

Let us just remind ourselves what it said. You won't find it on the website now because it was swifly removed last week after we called to confirm the LDA would be adhering it.

Fortunately we had made a copy of the key paragraphs before they were erased: "The last stage of the consultation will take place over the summer with a major public exhibition of the draft masterplan and a programme of activities and events explaining the proposals in detail. After completing this phase, final alterations to the design can be made as required before the planning application is submitted."

This is what the LDA promised, and this is what it must abide by.

MPs and local groups have joined us in demanding it does this without delay.

The LDA must rebuild public trust now, and ensure that in future the most extensive, and expensive, park consultation ever held in Europe adheres to the high standards we the public have a right to expect.