A Teddington woman has turned her life around after losing nearly six stone. 

Harriet O'Neill, 24, put off trying to lost weight for a number of years. Before she knew it, she had gone from being size 14 to size 20.

She said she gained weight due to a number of factors, but eventually accepted they were just excuses, and she had become lazy.

"I was embarrassed for my boyfriend to snuggle up to, my dad was embarrassed of my size, I couldn't get the clothes I liked in a big enough size, I couldn't walk for very long without being in pain, I was miserable," she said. 

During a wellness day at work, the health expert told Harriet she is lucky "not to be on the verge of diabetes." 

After this realisation, Harriet was determined to shed the pounds. 

She joined a Weight Watchers programme, and started a diet and exercise plan. 

"Once I had lost a bit of weight I signed up to walk someone's dog, next thing you know I am doing the palace to palace bike ride, then work out at a gym that I'm in five times a week. Next on my list is London to Brighton.

"Weight Watchers changed my life, they are like an extended family. It wasn't the easiest of journeys but I am so grateful. 

"I am literally unrecognisable, people double-take as they don't believe it's me. I am a gym bunny, who knew. Clothes shopping is no longer full of anxiety and tears."