A Sutton resident was conned out of nearly £1,400 after being pressured by rogue traders who claimed his roof would “cave in” if left untreated.

The group of five men arrived unannounced to the victim’s address on February 27, insisting the guttering on his property needed “attending to”.

They then climbed onto his property with his permission before telling him his roof would “cave in” without treatment – but they could resolve it and offered a 15-year guarantee, for a fee.

The men ramped up their pressure tactics, with one of them coming into his home and refusing to leave until he paid them the money.

The resident felt so intimidated he borrowed money from his in-laws and bank to pay for the fictitious work.

His roof was sprayed with a watery substance, “creating mess everywhere”, before the men left without providing any documentation or guarantee.

In the end, the resident was conned out of £1,398.

A Sutton Police spokesman said: “Remember, trading standards and police do not advise you to engage traders at the door. Always take time to check out the trader and get other quotes, as you may not need any work carried out.

“Make sure you receive a 14-day cooling off period and a document giving you your cancellation rights if the amount is over £42.

“If a friend or relative, who may be vulnerable, asks to borrow money make sure you ask them a few questions to satisfy yourself that it is for a legitimate cause and they are not being taken advantage of.”

People who require a trader can use the London Age UK Business Directory, open to all Sutton residents, by visiting www.aubdlondon.co.uk.

You can also call 0800 334 5056.