Fresh calls have emerged for Sutton Council to “clean up and secure” a derelict North Cheam eyesore following residents’ demands for it to be taken over.

An online petition urging the authority to submit a compulsory purchase order (CPO) has gained more than 600 supporters since being launched.

That, alongside more than 1,000 handwritten signatures, according to backers, comes amid growing frustrations over the abandoned and neglected Victoria House.

Alan Plant, chair of the Church Hill, Abbotts and Priory Roads Association (CHAPRA) has blasted it as a “disgrace to Sutton”, with it having been a problem for at least more than a decade now.

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But while the council confirms it’s aware of calls for a CPO, it insists there have been discussions with its owners Home Group over the proposed redevelopment of Victoria House.

Now there are new demands for the authority to serve Home Group a Section 215 (s215) order, a legal notice from the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

It would instruct the owners to “clean up and secure” the site, but if they don’t then they could incur a financial charge from the planning authority.

This is usually put in place to require owners of a land to clean it up because its condition has had an adverse effect on the amenity of the area.

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Nonsuch councillor James McDermott-Hill says Victoria House has “blighted a beautiful part of our borough” for years.

He added: “I'm grateful to my colleague Cllr [Tom] Drummond for bringing this to the forefront of the council's thinking and it is vital that they now step up to the plate and use what powers they have to improve the visual aspect of the Victoria House site.

“It won't solve the longer term issue of the site's ownership but can go a long way to showing residents that the Council aren't neglecting the area and are doing what they can to help where they can.”

Cllr Jayne McCoy, the council’s deputy leader, says the council wants to secure the redevelopment of Victoria House “like everybody else”.

The chair of the council’s housing, economy and business committee also insists Home Group could soon come forward with a plan for the site.

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She added: “In today's economic climate we need to work productively with developers, with the knowledge we can use statutory powers, rather than adopt an adversarial approach by default.

“If ultimately necessary, of course we will hold any developer to account, but we currently believe working in partnership is the best course of action.

“We are confident the developers will soon bring forward a deliverable plan for the site and in the meantime we will continue to make sure the site is maintained appropriately.”