The Met Police have released the names and photos of nine men wanted over violent crimes across London.

Detective Superintendent Lee Hill said: “Some of the incidents in question have seen victims with some extremely serious injuries and we are asking the public to be additional eyes and ears to help us locate these people.

“We often get asked by the public how they can help keep their communities safe, and providing information such as this is enormously helpful both in preventing and detecting crime.”

Police have said that even if people are unwilling to pass on information, they would like them to consider how they would feel if a family member had been impacted from these men.

Det Supt Hill continued: "Violence, drug and other priority crimes such as burglary are of great concern to the communities of London. We are committed to tackling these issues robustly and those we suspect to be causing harm and attempting to evade justice. Help us to keep London safe."

How do you help?

Do you know one of the featured individuals or know of them?

Nicholas Leer, 44, is wanted for GBH. Police claim he instigated a fight during which he apparently grabbed the victim by the ears and smashed his head into the ground multiple times, until the victim was unconscious - ref 01EK/704701.

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Daniel Cawley, 26, is believed to have been involved in a crash but attempted to flee the scene. He was followed by the victim who approached him when Cawley is believed to have admitted he was drunk.

Cawley then allegedly started punching and attacking the victim with a spanner, and attempted to attack the victim’s wife before smashing the windscreen and an iPhone. He then left the scene. Ref - 01YE/663302

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Patrick Ward, 20, is believed to have assaulted police. Ward was identified making off from the scene of a burglary by an officer at the scene. Ward attempted to get into a vehicle and has driven off, allegedly causing the officer to fall and injure themselves. Ref 01PY/695058

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James Legg, 25, is believed to have assaulted a woman with a knife causing her injuries. Also wanted for allegedly punching another person and causing a bleed on the brain. Ref 01HT/703508

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Anthony McDonagh, 30, wanted for GBH as he is suspected to have attacked a man, punching him and attempting to gouge his eyes out, leaving him blind in one eye. Ref – 01MD/651280

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Mohammed Yassin, 32, is wanted on suspicion of GBH from an incident in 2011 following an argument where Yassin is believed to have stabbed the victim in the head, neck, arm and abdomen nicking his liver.

Also wanted in relation to a racially aggravated assault and wanted for recall to prison. Ref – 01BS/283867

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Gabriel Latouche, 18, is believed to be involved in drugs supply, also believed to have stabbed a person in the back. Ref – 01BS/

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Alex Ellis, 28, is wanted over two serious assaults. In June 2018 during a heated argument with a female he is believed to have punched her in the head, causing bruising and swelling. The suspect failed to attend police interview. In October 2018 Ellis is alleged to have argued with another female, and is believed to have pushed her to the floor causing her to hit her head. Ref – 01LX/704796

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Yousef Majed, 35, is wanted over a knife attack last month. Police believe Yousef and four or five others assaulted two victims with a wooden bar, metal poles and knives. Both victims have suffered severe

injuries. Ref - 01QA/

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If you see someone or you know the current location of someone who is wanted, dial 999. Do not put yourself at risk, or confront the individual, find an appropriate place to make the phone call where you cannot be heard.

Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111 and quoting the reference number of the individual.