Polka Theatre turns 40 this year and its birthday gift to audiences is a new building.

This Sunday (February 17), the theatre will host its final performances of 'The Wind in the Willows and In the Winter Wood', before its doors are temporarily close to the public until the summer of 2020.

The builders will then take over, turning 40-year-old Polka into a theatre for all future children.

This all came about just before Christmas when Polka was awarded a £1.2m investment from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund.

This commitment, along with funding from Arts Council England and Merton Council has provided the finance needed for the "urgently needed" works to start in March so that a new state-of-the-art theatre can be built.

Patron and supporter of the arts, Omid Djalili popped in one last time recently to say his goodbyes.

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“I love Polka Theatre, so I wanted to pop in and say a fond farewell to the team as they close the building until 2020," he said.

I'm proud to be a patron and supporter of the professional theatre productions that Polka create for 0-12 year old’s.

"I am delighted that Polka is getting a new building - complete with a state of the art adventure theatre for its 40th Birthday, way better than the pair of socks I got from my sister when I turned 40.

"This will ensure that younger audiences have the opportunity to experience new and innovative work created especially for them."

But the theatre is not at the finish line just yet.

"A further £1 million still needs to be raised to help complete this £7.5 million project," Mr Djalili said.

"They still need a great deal of funds so when Polka comes knocking, I hope people give generously as this is such an important force for good in the world.”

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