An elderly Sainsbury's employee from Hampton says she has been suspended after being accused of locking a colleague in the store's freezer.

Mary O'Keeffe, 78, works as a confectioner at the Sainsbury's in Uxbridge Road, Hampton.

She denies the allegations made by another member of staff and said she was extremely angry at the treatment she has received from the supermarket.

"I would never lock someone in the freezer. You can't even lock them," she said.

"I accidentally closed the door and opened it straight away. I apologised to her."

The claims date back to an incident reported on November 3.

Allegedly, a member of staff was stuck in one of the freezers in the store and accused the 78-year-old of locking her in deliberately.

"Sainsbury's suspended me and I did not receive a letter from them until 10 days after", she added.

"My Christmas and New Year was ruined, I have been signed off work due to stress and I am not getting paid.

"I think I have been treated extremely unfairly. You can't even lock the freezers, there is a handle inside to open them."

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We cannot comment on individual colleagues or internal matters, however we would always take allegations of bullying very seriously and conduct a full investigation.”